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  • SPDP Hydrazide; PDPH Cross-linker

SPDP Hydrazide; PDPH Cross-linker

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    SPDP Hydrazide; PDPH Cross-linker

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    2024-01-26 11:45:31

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SPDP Hydrazide; PDPH Cross-linker
产品名称:SPDP Hydrazide
          PDPH Cross-linker
英文全称:3-[2-Pyridyldithio]propionyl hydrazide
PDPH crosslinker (3-[2-Pyridyldithio]propionyl hydrazide) is a cleavable, carbohydrate reactive, heterobifunctional protein crosslinking reagent. The PDPH crosslinker's hydrazide group selectively reacts with carbohydrates oxidized by sodium meta-periodate (or carboxyls when used with EDC); while the pyridinyldisulfide moity is reactive toward reduced thiols (sulfhydryls; -SH). Thus, PDPH protein crosslinker is an excellent choice for crosslinking glycoproteins, glycans, and other polysaccharides. 
Additionally, the pyridyldisulfide group of the PDPH crosslinking reagent contains a cleavable disulfide (-S-S-) bond which can be reduced with TCEP-HCl or DTT to expose a thiol moity that can be further reacted with, for example, a maleimide containing crosslinker. Thus, PDPH may also be used as a thiolation reagent to add sulfhydryl functional groups to carbohydrate containing molecules. 
分子量: 229.32
Spacer Length: 9.2 Å
PDPH Cross-linker
ANB-NOS Crosslinker     CAS:60117-35-3
Biotin-SS-NHS           CAS:142439-92-7 
Sulfo-NHS-SS-Biotin     CAS:325143-98-4
Sulfo-NHS-Biotin        CAS: 119616-38-5
Biotin-NHS              CAS: 35013-72-0
HPPH                    CAS:65330-63-4
EMCS                    CAS: 55750-63-5
DSP/DTSP                CAS: 57757-57-0
DSS                     CAS: 68528-80-3
SFB                     CAS:60444-78-2
SATP                    CAS:84271-78-3
SATA                    CAS: 76931-93-6
SIAB                    CAS:72252-96-1
GMBS                    CAS:80307-12-6
AMAS                    CAS:55750-61-3
Biotin-LC-LC-NHS        CAS:89889-52-1
LC-Biotin hydrazide     CAS:109276-34-8
Sulfo NHS LC Biotin     CAS:127062-22-0
Biotin-amine            CAS:111790-37-5
MSC-ONSU                CAS:57903-15-8 
N-Biotinyl Glycine      CAS:160390-90-9
SANPAH                  CAS:64309-05-3
Sulfo-NHS Acetate       CAS: 152305-87-8
DTSSP crosslinker       CAS:142702-31-6
Biotin-Azide            CAS:908007-17-0
Biotin hydrazide        CAS:66640-86-6  
Biotin-PFP ester        CAS:120550-35-8
SMPB                    CAS: 79886-55-8
PMPI                    CAS:123457-83-0
LC-SMCC                 CAS:125559-00-4
TMEA                    CAS:139112-38-2
SMCC                    CAS: 64987-85-5
DTME                    CAS: 71865-37-7
GMBS                    CAS: 80307-12-6
EMCH                    CAS: 81186-33-6
Sulfo-SMCC              CAS: 92921-24-9
BMPS                    CAS: 55750-62-4
MBS                     CAS: 58626-38-3
Sulfo-NHS               CAS: 106627-54-7
BS3                     CAS: 82436-77-9
BS2G                    CAS: 881415-72-1
BSG                     CAS: 79642-50-5
DTSSP                   CAS: 81069-02-5
EGS                     CAS: 70539-42-3
Sulfo-EGS               CAS:142702-32-7
DSSeb                   CAS:23024-29-5
SBA                     CAS: 42014-51-7
SIA                     CAS: 39028-27-8
SPDP                    CAS:68181-17-9
Sulfo-MBS               CAS:92921-25-0
Sulfo-SANPAH            CAS: 102568-43-4
DSG-d4                  CAS:910292-86-3
DSP-d8                  CAS:1639836-65-9
Biotin Hydrazide        CAS: 66640-86-6
Sulfo-NHS-Biotin        CAS: 119616-92-5
Sulfo-NHS-LC-Biotin     CAS: 128062-22-0
Sulfo-NHS-SS-Biotin     CAS: 202057-28-1
HPG                     CAS: 24645-80-5
Pepsin                  CAS: 9001-75-6
Chymotrypsin            CAS: 9004-07-3
Trypsin                 CAS: 9002-07-7
Streptavidin            CAS: 9013-20-1
Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP)   CAS: 9003-99-0
Alkaline Phosphatase 35K Units CAS: 9001-78-9
Purified Polysorbate 20
Purified Polysorbate 80
Purified Nonidet P-40
Purified Triton X-100
Purified Triton X-114
TCEP-HCl Reducing Agent CAS: 51805-45-9
DTT                     CAS: 3483-12-3
pNPP                    CAS: 4264-83-9
Sodium meta-Periodate   CAS: 7790-28-5
Succinylacetone         CAS: 51568-18-4
Dimethyl sulfoxide      CAS: 67-68-5
Dimethylformamide       CAS: 68-12-2
MES Monohydrate         CAS: 145224-94-8
Sodium Borate Buffer    CAS: 1303-96-4
 SPDP Hydrazide; PDPH Cross-linker


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